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A Soldier’s Journey with the Presence of God
An autobiography detailing the journey of a young
Vietnam soldier, the challenges life brought him
and God’s presence through every step of life.

“A Soldier’s Journey with the Presence of God” is a true story about the life of a young soldier. He served in the U.S. Army and was deployed onto the frontlines of the Vietnam War from 1967-1968. He returned home with PTSD. Through a series of life-saving miracles both at home and in the war, he was transformed into a soldier of Christ. Take this journey with him to see how Gods incredible love not only saved his life several times, but took him on a long journey of self discovery from “Lost to Loved”.  This is where he found and felt the true presence of God. As you travel with him through each chapter in this book, you may find yourself asking the most important question of your life. “How can I find and feel the presence of God? “

This is his real life.  This is his true story.